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1. For those who are struggling with damaging and self-harming thoughts. 

2. The leader of black activism right now goes to the organization. check them out to see how you can further assist with protecting black men. 

3.Keeping our men and women out of the prison system disproportionately helps. this listing shows how we can be more active. 

4.For some, getting political is the way to change the course of action that has been lead by police officers. to learn more and how you can help this is a vital resource.

5. For those who do not feel understood in the LGBTQA community and rather seek out more help. 

6. One of the biggest "wrongful" death cases to date. Please stay updated and reminded on this situation.

7. A resource for those who wish to write their own story/obituary in case anything happens/occurs while they're out. This way your story isn't just how you left the world but your mark on it. 

8. A youth mentor-ship program ran by officer Edwin Raymond of the NYPD who is highly regarded in NYC for his community reach and being part of the "NYPD 12" a group of 12 officers who sued the state police brigade for unjustly forcing quotas onto the service men. 

9, A platform to aid in assisting your black autistic adult friends, and children 

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