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*map out the area beforehand. this way if any detours are necessary, you're a bit more prepared.


*bring a map. traditional ways still work. a paper map helps in case any tech is lost, broken or dead.


*wear layers. temperatures change and so does the situation, being able to take off and put back on clothing helps. 


* bring a bottle of water, preferably one that easily seals and opens in case you have to pour or share. 


*wear comfortable shoes. you will be in them for a long time.


* have identification on you. in case of any emergency situations also bring medical cards and vital emergency contact information written somewhere.


*wear a hat, 


*pack lightly. lugging around unneeded items slows you down and frustrates you over time.


*rechargeable batteries for your phone and walk-men can aid if anything goes awry.


*go with someone if not an entire group. sometimes people pretend to be for the same cause so that they can lure you into a more dangerous and hostile situation. if you have to go alone, DO NOT GO.


*always tell someone where you will be and what time you expect to be back inside. 


*carry extra cash. cash, for now, is still “king” and you may need it for last minute snacks and / or to pay for help.

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